Other Childcare Services

Proxy Parenting
I am available for proxy parenting - taking sole charge of children on a 24hr basis whilst parents are away. Employing a proxy parent provides parents/carers with the opportunity to have weekends away or longer holidays without taking the children with them. It is ideal for parents who do not have the support of family or close friends nearby. I will undertake all necessary duties including school runs, meal preparation, play dates, after school/weekend activities etc. I can act as a Proxy Parent to all ages from newborns to teens. I am able to collect children from school, nursery, childminders etc, look after them over night and drop at their daytime childcare provider the following morning if required.

Maternity Nurse (24hr)
Available on a 24hr basis for maternity nursing - please contact me for details of availability.

Wedding/Event Nanny
I can care for babies & children during a wedding reception/evening event to enable parents to enjoy themselves without needing to worry about their children. If the venue is a hotel, I can put the children to bed if required & stay with them as they sleep.

Special Needs (SEN) experience
I am a qualified Teacher and am experienced with many learning and behavioural challenges including: Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, BESD, Fragile X. I have also cared for children with a range of developmental, physical & mental challenges. I am available for direct payment respite care for babies & children of all ages.

Whatever your childcare requirements please get in touch.

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