Night Nannying

As a Maternity Night Nanny, I care for babies through the night to allow parents to catch up on their sleep. Parents can relax knowing that someone highly experienced is caring for their precious little one/s.

I have extensive newborn experience and am confident with all aspects of babycare including feeding, changing, winding, soothing, bathing, hygiene & administering medication.

I am experienced with prem babies, twins, reflux, colic, allergies, eczema, special/additional needs, medical conditions, post-op care, ng tube fed babies, epipens, administering medication & disabilities. I have experience of baby massage; having completed baby massage courses with both of my children when they were younger.

If baby is formula fed, I do all of the night feeds, plus winding/settling etc to allow parents to have an undisturbed night. If baby is breastfed & Mum does not wish to express for a bottle feed (or is not able to), I wake Mum when baby needs a feed and wind/settle baby afterwards allowing Mum to go straight back to sleep.

I can take on long or short term night nanny bookings, or just one-off 'ad hoc' nights. Typical night nannying hours are 10pm-6am, but this is flexible to suit your needs. Night Nannying can be combined with evening babysitting to enable parents to have a night out as well as a good nights sleep. I can also stay later the following morning to allow parents to have a lie-in if desired.

I can also offer support to parents attempting 'sleep training' with their older baby/child.